Procedures for receiving papers and peer review process, copyright, review process

Rules and copyright for papers printed in Review of Finance

1. Rules for submitting paper to the Journal

Review of Finance (ISSN 2615 - 8981) is an agency of the Ministry of Finance. This is a leading scientific journal in ecomomic and finance theories and professional practices in Vietnam currently. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the content, form and publication process of the Review in accordance with the stated principles, purposes and scope, authors are required to submit papers in accordance with the Review’s policies.

2. Authors’ rights and responsibilities

- Authors have the copyright to their published articles in the Review and receives a hard copy of of the issue of the author’s article.

- Authors are obliged to strictly comply with the Review’s policies, edit and complete their papers in response to comments of reviewers and the Editorial Board.

- Authors are responsible for the ordering of authorship

- Authors are responsible for fulfilling their financial obligations according to the Regulations on the collection of appraisal fees and the payment of royalties for articles published in the Review of Finance.

3. Commitment to academic integrity

Authors must be fully responsible for the accuracy as well as errors of information, data, judgements and materials cited in their articles.